Menu for Tracy / Livermore / Dublin / Stockton / Mountain House / Byron

The Delivery Process:

  1. Call (888) 263-2921 to get verified within a few minutes by our friendly staff.
  2. Place an order off our menu below.
  3. Upon arrival of the driver: Please have your CA Recommendation & Valid ID ready.
  4. Read and sign our Collective Membership Agreement.
  5. Feel free to ask question and look at different flavors before making a choice
  6. Please leave an honest review on Weed Maps or Yelp and receive a free preroll.

Tax is included.

$40 Minimum.

We accept Cash or Credit.

No Delivery Fees.

Servicing Area: Tracy, Livermore, Stockton, Mountain House, Byron, Dublin and Surrounding Areas

Hours of Operation:

Mon: 11AM-9PM

Tues: 11AM-9PM

Wed: 11AM-9PM

Thu: 11AM-9PM

Fri: 11AM-10PM

Sat: 11AM-9PM

Sun: 11AM-9PM

Menu (Updated Daily)

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