Mango Kush (Hybrid)

square_fill_Mango_KushMango Kush (Hybrid) is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain with strong flavors and scents resembling the tropical fruit that it takes its name from. Mango Kush is another strain with a mysterious past with many theories about its origin. But the most likely of these theories is that the strain is a cross between Mango and the revered Hindu Kush strains. – Mango Kush’s copious trichrome coverage draws immediate attention. Sporting lime green leaves and a smattering of bright neon orange hairs, these nugs are the size of mango (18″ buds are not uncommon) with the density of an OG KUSH. The smell is like a vacation in a bag. Mango Kush combines the sweet aroma of the actual tropical fruit along with banana undertones with Kush’s classic sour, earthy, piney notes. With just its looks, Mango Kush can entice even the most elitist smoker into giving it a try.

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