Cotton Candy Kush (Hybrid)

Cotton Candy Kush Hybrid Medicinal Marijuana Cannabis

Cotton Candy Kush Hybrid

The Candy Kush (Hybrid) strain originates from one of the most popular strains of the year, known as Blue Dream. Its genetics also contain one of the most popular strains of all time, infamously known as OG Kush. Combine these two potent cannabis strains together, and you get a Indica-dominant Hybrid known as Candy Kush. The aroma is subtle, sweet, and sugary. The smell tends to be much more reminiscent of the Blue Dream strain than that of OG Kush. However, each bud was popcorn shaped (Indica-like) and very, very dense — typical of the OG Kush strain. The smoke generated from this batch of Candy Kush is very smooth, which means it was grown and cured properly. Its taste is very much like its aroma: sweet, sugary, with undertones of skunk and haze.

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