Jv86 shatter concentrate medicinal marijuana

Jv86 Shatter (Concentrate)

JV-86 Shatter (2gs for $80)   1 g 2g $45 $80   Jointrees.com is a collective and delivery service in Tracy and Livermore California

House Blend Special – Hybrid

House Blend  Hybrid of Blue dream, Sour Diesel, Bubba Kush, Green Crack, TrainWreck & Thin Mint Cookies 1/2 1 Oz…

chem_dawg_hybrid_medicinal marijuana jointrees.com

ChemDawg (Hybrid)

  ChemDawg Hybrid Medicinal Marijuana has developed quite the name for itself over the years. Between its mysterious origin, ambiguous…

Animal Cookies hybrid medicinal marijuana jointrees.com

Animal Cookies (Hybrid)

Animal Cookies (Hybrid) Animal Cookies is the child of the legendary hybrid marijuana strains Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG.…